About the Team

The vision for Spring House would not have come to reality if not for the creative talents, inspiration, and enthusiasm provided by the following firms and individuals.

Owen Architecture

Kevin Owen, Principal
(336) 761-8246

“Our architect, our therapist, our friend….some days it was tough to know which role was more needed, but you always seemed to know.”

Davie Construction
Company, Inc.

Carl Carney, President
(336) 940-6600

“With deep and sincere thanks to Chris Johnson, Project Manager for his eternal calm and steadiness; and to Doug Szaro, Project Superintendent, who kept everyone in line, worked harder than all….and showed us more heart than a tough-guy Marine should have.”

Lucie Matthews Patton
Interior Design

(336) 774-8677

“You is smart, you is pretty….and you know just when a cold beer is needed to get the results you want! You really earned your nickname on this one, Ms. Bossypants, but the experience and your friendship has been unforgettable!”

ShapiroWalker Design

Concept, Branding, Graphic Design, Marketing and Website Design
(336) 725-0110

“With warm thanks to Forrest Causby for “nailing it” after several wacky visioning sessions, and for cheerfully guiding us through the branding jungle; and to David Shapiro, for his unwavering support of all my favorite things in downtown Winston-Salem for well over a decade.”

Hampton House Gallery & Mr. Eric Elliott

Special thanks also to Ms. Jackie Pittman of Hampton House Gallery and Mr. Eric Elliott, local historian, for their research and work to create the Historical Gallery in the upstairs hallway. Celebrating Winston-Salem’s fascinating history was one of the main priorities of this excellent adventure called Spring House – their knowledge was invaluable, their enthusiasm contagious.